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Shooting accuracy of cal. 6,5-284 Norma

Xavier Bouvier shot this group with his Tikka T3 with Lothar Walther barrel cal. 6,5-284 Norma. Distance 300 metres, 10 shots/980 rings, bullets Lapua 139gr.

Precision documentation of cal. .338 Lap. Mag.

Longshot Poland and Long Range Mykita

Congratulations to Krystian and Karol Janczewski who finished second at the Longshot in the category "Team open". Karol was also the winner at the Long Range Mykita in June and he finished 2nd at this tournament in November. Both used rifles with LOTHAR WALTHER barrels (Karol 6,5x47 Lapua, 8,5" and Krystian 7mm RSAUM).

Shooting accuracy of cal. .338 Lap. Mag.

Patrick Wanhal, Austria, shot this group with his Fortmeier rifle M2002 TD with LOTHAR WALTHER - barrel cal. .338 Lapua Magnum.
Distance 1030 metres, 5 shots, dispersion 17 cm.

Shooting accuracy of cal. .223

This group was shot by company HPS Target Master with a RPA 2000 and a LOTHAR WALTHER - barrel cal. .223, 4 shots, distance 100 yards.
Tags: .223, .223 Rem., HPS

International Competition Longshot 2017 Poland

M. Kachnowicz was the winner of the category "Tactical Standard Semi-Auto" at the Longshot in Poland in April 2017 with a DAR-15 LRS with LOTAHR WALTHER - match barrel, distances 300 m, 600 m and 800 m, with a total score of 186. Congratulations!

Shooting accuracy of cal. .308 Winchester

This group was shot with a LOTHAR WALTHER - barrel cal. .308 Win. built by company Tide Europe, distance 100 m, 5 shots.

Record result of 4540 yards shooting distance!

We congratulate Mr. Benjamin Gineste on achieving a record result (see above picture), shooting distance 4540 yards! He shot with a rifle made by company Armeca Put Bruno with LOTHAR WALTHER - barrel Cal. .408 CheyTac and Lawton 8000 action.

Shooting accuracy Cal. .22 PPC

The following group was shot with a LOTHAR WALTHER barrel cal. .22 PPC built by company Diane French, distance 100 m, 2 and 3 shots.

Shooting accuracy of cal. .30 BR

Luis Moura, president of the portuguese rifle association, shot this dispersion with his rifle made by Christian Salva (France), model "Rapière", with LOTHAR WALTHER - barrel cal. .30 BR, stainless steel, contour "Light", twist 14", distance 100 m, number of shots: 3, bullet: Berger 125grs FB, loading used: N130 - 34,8 grs.
Tags: Salva, .30 BR

F-Class Open European Championship 2015 in Bisley, GB

We congratulate Mr. Reinhard Lang on winning the European Championship F-Class Open in Bisley, 11.-13. September 2015! His rifle was made by AS.H Schuler, model "Walküre", with a LOTHAR WALTHER - barrel cal. 300 WSM inside, length 810 mm, stainless steel.

Shooting accuracy of cal. 6mm Norma BR

Lars Langenbach shot with his STL-Schmitt-rifle with LOTHAR WALTHER -barrel cal. 6mm Norma BR this dispersion at the BDMP National Championship NRW in April 2015: ZG3, 10 shots, distance 300 meter. The telescope has been readjusted after the first shot, dimension of the hole after 9 shots: 17,2 mm x 10,22 mm (diameter of the bullet subtracted).
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