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Congratulations on your successes and top results!

Shooting accuracy of cal. .30 BR

Luis Moura, president of the portuguese rifle association, shot this dispersion with his rifle made by Christian Salva (France), model "Rapière", with LOTHAR WALTHER - barrel cal. .30 BR, stainless steel, contour "Light", twist 14", distance 100 m, number of shots: 3, bullet: Berger 125grs FB, loading used: N130 - 34,8 grs.
Tags: Salva, .30 BR, 100m

F-Class Open European Championship 2015 in Bisley, GB

We congratulate Mr. Reinhard Lang on winning the European Championship F-Class Open in Bisley, 11.-13. September 2015! His rifle was made by AS.H Schuler, model "Walküre", with a LOTHAR WALTHER - barrel cal. 300 WSM inside, length 810 mm, stainless steel.

Shooting accuracy of cal. 6mm Norma BR

Lars Langenbach shot with his STL-Schmitt-rifle with LOTHAR WALTHER -barrel cal. 6mm Norma BR this dispersion at the BDMP National Championship NRW in April 2015: ZG3, 10 shots, distance 300 meter. The telescope has been readjusted after the first shot, dimension of the hole after 9 shots: 17,2 mm x 10,22 mm (diameter of the bullet subtracted).

Internatinal Competition Longshot 2015 Poland

Tactical Super Magnum (1000, 1200 and 1500m) Place 1.: Team99 - Fortmeier = Prof. Ejsmont & Dr. Rowinski (Cal.: .50 Browning, LOTHAR WALTHER - barrel)

Shooting accuracy distance 600 metres

Olivier Hannon from Belgium achieved this dispersion in February 2015, 5 shots, distance 600 m, with his Remington 700 with LOTHAR WALTHER-Match barrel cal. .308 Win. and Lapua Scenar 167 grs. factory ammunitions.

Shooting accuracy of cal. .308 Winchester

This group was shot by Christian Riedel in January 2015 with a LOTHAR WALTHER-barrel cal. .308 Win. (for ZG2), 5 shots, distance 100 m, dispersion radius below 5 mm.

Shooting accuracy of cal. 223 Rem.

Denis Authier was glad of this dispersion shot with his AR 15 rifle of Oberland Arms with LOTHAR WALTHER-Match barrel cal. .223 Rem.: 15 rounds, distance 100 m, 150 rings

Imperial Meeting 2014 in Bisley UK

Great success at the Imperial Meeting 2014 in Bisley UK: PGM Precision with LOTHAR WALTHER - Barrels Cal. 6XC and 7mmRSAUM.

Imperial Meeting F-Class 2013 Bisley (GB), 1000 Yards, 7mm WSM

Mr. Rudolf Eckbauer achieved very good results with his Gol Sniper (company Prechtl/Birkenau) with a LOTHAR WALTHER-barrel cal. 7mm WSM, length 32"

100METERCREW Game Oirlo 29.06.2014

Mr. Karel Prakken shot with his BSA PCP - airgun rifle, mounted with a LOTHAR WALTHER - Barrel Kal. 22 this dispersion with 11mm CTC (5 shots group).

Shooting accuracy of Cal. 6,5x55

This group was shot by a client of company Laskowski/Poland with a LOTHAR WALTHER barrel cal. 6,5x55: 20 shots 200 scores, distance 300 m, loading 139 grs Lapua Scenar.
Tags: Laskowski, 6.5x55

Shooting accuracy of Cal. 6,5x55 SE

Erwin Peumans from Finland did 3 shots with his LOTHAR WALTHER-barrel cal. 6,5x55 SE in July 2013, barrel length 610 mm, twist 8". (120 grs V-Max Hornady, 46 grs of Vithavuori N160).
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