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Precision documentation of cal. .338 Lap. Mag.

Imperial Meeting F-Class 2013 Bisley (GB), 1000 Yards, 7mm WSM

Mr. Rudolf Eckbauer achieved very good results with his Gol Sniper (company Prechtl/Birkenau) with a LOTHAR WALTHER-barrel cal. 7mm WSM, length 32"

Baden-Württemberg BDMP Championship 2013

At the Baden-Württemberg Championship in Philippsburg from 29.-30.06.2013, Gottfried Prechtl won both the individual and the team score (team SLG Gol-Sniper) in the categories scoped rifle 2 and 3, distance 300m!
He shot with LOTHAR WALTHER-barrels cal. 6mmPPC and 6,5x47Lapua: category scoped rifle 2 with factory cartridges and category scoped rifle 3 with wild cat cartridges.

Shooting accuracy of cal. 6,5x47 Lapua

After 15 shots (smooth) with a LOTHAR WALTHER barrel cal. 6,5x47Lapua (length 60 cm), there were shot 2 groups à 5 shots (distance 100 m) with factory cartridge Lapua Scenar 139 grs.