Barrel warranty

The firm of LOTHAR WALTHER Predision Tool Manufacture GmbH, 89551 Königsbronn, Germany hereby warrants that its gun barrels and gun barrel blanks have been manufactured in accordance with the revelant guidelines on the Firearms Act and have left our premises in perfect conditions..

After assembly, each barrel, in conjunction with the statutory regulations in Germany, the regulations laid down for testing gun barrels (CIP standard), must be presented to a Firearms Office for testing and the initial firing, which must be carried out there. In countries which do not have similar regulations or which do not belong to the CIP, the testing and inital firing must be carried out in accordance with the principles of the German and CIP regulations. A copy of these are available on request.

Following the above mentioned testing, only newly manufactured ammunition may be used and no guarantee can be accepted for hand-loaded, reloaded or remanufactured ammunition. This includes surplus ammunition or any ammunition that contains defects, known or unknown. Furthermore, the barrel must be kept clean at all times.

Any alterations made to the barrel after manufacture shall void our manufacturer's warranty. We should emphasize that any gun is a dangerous weapon and should consequently be handled with care. The user and those nearby must take the appropriate measures to ensure that others can never be put at risk. This naturally includes protection for eyes and ears. Guns should never be pointed, aimed or fired at people. Representations made by persons other than the manufacturer do not constitue a part of this quarantee.

Since some gun barrels are designed for a particular purpose, the use of these barrels for a purpose different than the originally intended could cause an unsafe situation. Before using any gun barrels for a differnt purpose, the manufacturer must be consulted as to its safe use.

Should a defect occur nevertheless, the barrel must be returned to the manufacturer, postage prepaid. The liability of the manufacturer is limited only to the replacement or repair of the barrel and is at its discretion.